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Grounding rod GR 100

Grounding rod GR 100 is designed for operative grounding of HV test schemes with test voltages up to 100 kV.

Grounding rod GR 100

Grounding rod GR 100 is elaborated and produced in a strong compliance with Russian National Standard GOST 20494-2001.

Grounding rod GR 100 specifications are shown in table:

Characteristic Value
Dielectric strength of insulating part, kV* 100
Length of insulating part, mm., not less 700
Length of  handle part, mm 700
Tensile strength, N, not less 1000
Grounding wire cross-sectional area, mm2 6
Grounding wire length, m 5
Overall dimensions (without resistor), mm 60x60x1600
Mass, kg 1,5
Operating ambient temperature, °С - 45…+ 40
Relative humidity 25 °С, %, no more up to 98 %

     * — Test a.c. power frequency (50 Hz) voltage, 5 min.

With the damping resistor RD 100/15, screwed on insulating part of GR-100, this grounding rod may be used for discharging test objects with capacitance values up to 5,0 µF:

Grounding rod GR 100 with RD 100/15 damping resistor

 Grounding rod GR 100 delivery set includes:

  • Grounding rod GR 100 - 1;
  • Grounding wire - 1;
  • Operation and maintenance manual - 1;
  • Damping resistor RD 100/15 (on order).

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