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The “TESTSET”  CO LTD. was founded in 1991 on the basis of the “Test Centre of the Scientific Research and Development Institute of High-Voltage Apparatus” (Saint-Petersburg) – the leading Russian company in the high-voltage SF6 devices development. All researches and tests of “TESTSET” products are made in the laboratories of this test centre accredited by “STATESTANDARD” (“State Committee for Standards, Metrology and Certification of Russian Federation”).

Company develops and manufactures complete HV test sets and instruments for dielectric tests by means of a.c. and d.c. high voltages. Sets and instruments provide dielectric tests by the rated test voltages from 1 to 500 kV in strict conformity with the requirements of the national (GOST 1516.2; 1516.3; 20074) and International Electrotechnical Commission standards (IEC 60060; 60694; 60270) at different application conditions – during researching, manufacturing, electrical equipment installation and operation, as well as in training centers and laboratories. The company's key activities are: development and production of two basic types of high voltage test equipment:

1.  Small-sized, with SF6 insulation test sets with rated test voltages:

  • A.C. :  15, 20, 50, 100, 150, 230, 316, 345, 395, 450, 500 kV;
  • D.C. :  1 - 150 kV,

2.  Systems with SF6 insulation for high voltage measurement in 1-200 kV voltage range:

  • for purposes of insulation strength tests;
  • for measuring voltage transformers calibration;
  • for power quality control.


The “TESTSET” also develops and supplies separate instruments for partial discharges characteristics measuring and measuring of leakage currents in insulation, as well as different devices and tools for high voltage testing. Besides that, our specialists carry out high voltage electrical equipment tests in place of assembling and operation, participate in developing of test stand projects and industrial facilities stations, mobile laboratories.


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