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Special Developments

Constant current test set UIVPT-200

This special device is intended for testing insulators following requirements IEC 601325 (1995) with standart (GOST 1516.2) normative constant voltages up to 200 kV. Device provides measurement of values of test voltage in processe of the tests according to requirements of measurement systems for high voltages GOST 17512 (IEC 60060-2). Technical parameters of this device is accessible up to this link .

This device represents placed on a non-standard frame: transformer IOG-100/7,5 , rectifier and voltage divider DN-200EO . For convenience of movement the frame is equipped with wheels. Couple of rotary wheels are supplied with a stopper.

Constant current test set UIVPT-200



HVS-500 direct voltage standard source is designed for appliance as part of the calibrating instrument for periodical potential transformers calibrations on-site.

HVS-500 generates controllable d.c. voltage (20...500) kV with high accuracy and stability (± 100 V, I = 30 mA).

HVS-500 direct voltage standard source



DN-220pt voltage divider

DN-220pt voltage divider is designed for class 35, 110 and 220 kV potential transformers on-site calibration.

DN-220pt voltage divider


The divider has three standard division coefficients, small overall dimensions and weight, transportation tolerance.

Divider specifications are shown in table:

Characteristic Value
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Rated voltage, kV 160
Test voltage during 1 min.**, kV 200
Measurement ranges of 50 Hz alternating current high voltage effective values, kV 16 - 25*
28 - 42*
50 - 77
101 - 153
High voltage leg capacity rated value, pF 365
Rated division coefficients 350
Basic relative permissible error limits at 50 Hz alternating current voltage measuring, % ± 0,1
Angular basic permissible error ± 0,5
Load impedance, kOhm 1000
Rated SF6 overpressure, MPa 0,3
Measuring cable length (type RG58C), m 20
Overall height, mm 1600
Mass, no more, kg 24
Ambient class according to GOST 15150 UHL-4

     * — Value for sealing off
     ** — At normal atmospheric conditions according to GOST 1516.2

Standard calibration certificate, issued by FSUE "D.I.Mendeleev VNIIM", is accompanied with the divider.

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