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PD meter type PDM 201

PDM 201 represents digital (in IEC 60270 terms) partial discharge measuring instrument.

The instrument is designed for application, as in research laboratories, so in working conditions, at acceptance tests stands of industrial facilities.


Basic technical data and specifications of the instrument are shown in table:

Data and characteristics Value
Test voltage frequency, Hz 40 - 400
Sensitivity (signal injection directly to the instrument input), not worse, pC 0,1
Min. measured PD apparent charge, no more, pC 1,0
Max. measured PD apparent charge, pC 10000
PD charges measuring error in the range 1 - 10 pC, no more, pC ± 1,0
PD charges measuring error in the range 1 1- 10000 pC, no more, pC ± 10
Max. measured PD pulses repetition frequency, not less, kHz  100
Band edges, kHz 45 - 700
Pulses resolving time, no more, µs 6,0
Signal digitization capacitance, bit 14
"Test voltage" input characteristics:
   —    input resistance, not less, MOhm
   —    input capacitance, no more, pF
   —    max. input voltage (40 - 400 Hz), no more, V 

Power supply voltage (50/60 Hz), V 220 ± 10 %
Power consumption, no more, VA 60
Dimensions, mm 110х170х250
Weight of measuring unit (excluding cables and computer), kg 6,0
Dimensions in package, mm 552х250х430
Weight of complete set packed (including cables, computer, tare, documentation), kg 23


PDM 201 instrument allows all GOST 20074 and IEC 60270 recommended PD characteristics measuring circuits to be realized:


Instrument takes real-time simultaneous measurements of all the quantities related to partial discharge pulses, recommended by standards:

  • PD apparent charge q (according to GOST 20074 or IEC 6028);
  • PD pulse repetition frequency N;
  • PD average discharge current I;
  • PD discharge power P;
  • PD quadratic rate D;

Instrument provides real-time display image of different (at operator option) measurement oscillograms view, including 3D, as well as test procedures diagrams with measuring of PD characteristics.

Instrument software (“PDScanner 2.0”) allows for operator to choose mode and range of PD quantities measurements in object, make calibration of measuring circuit (in manual or automatic mode), and also save measurements and calibration data in test report, automatically created by the instrument. During measuring operator can record to report any measurement point of time in the form of oscillogram with all PD quantities values attached.

Noise, threshold, and positional filtering of the digital measuring signal, provided by the instrument, guarantee high-noise immunity of measurements, so it is not necessary to install the instrument in special, carefully shielded rooms: it is used successfully in conditions of electrical equipment manufacture.

The instrument delivery set is shown in table:

Item Notation
Portable computer (laptop)   1
Partial discharges meter PDM 201 1
Remote measuring unit VIB 1
High-frequency filter HFF 2
Calibrating partial discharges generator CPDG 1
Cable set, 4 pcs. - 1
Logbook 411733.001 FO 1
Operation manual 411734 RE 1
Data processing program «PDScan 2.0» 1
Calibration certificate issued by FSUE "D.I.Mendeleev VNIIM"   1

 At Customer option the instrument is manufactured in "3-phase" version, which provides simultaneous PD characteristics measuring in all three phases of test object.

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