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SMD leakage current detectors

SMD-10 and SMD-11 leakage current detectors designed for leakage currents measurements in insulation during dielectric tests by means of direct (SMD-10) and alternating (SMD-11) standard test voltages according to GOST 1516.2.

SMD leakage current detector is an attachment of BA 11 peak voltmeter, which indicator displays the measurement results.

Detector consists of instrument shunt and receiver:

SMD leakage current detector
(shunt and receiver)

The main measuring circuit is "reverse", with shunt interposing under high voltage. The insulation between the shunt and the receiver provided by fiber-optic cable. It’s possible to make measurements according to the direct circuit with the shunt interposed in the test object grounding circuit.

Basic specifications of SMD detectors are shown in table:

Characteristic Value

SMD-10 SMD-11
Measured values Direct current Alternating current
Shunt resistance, Ohm 200 20
Measurement limits (4 ranges) = 10 µA - 100 mA ~ 10 µA - 100 mA
Max. measuring error in the range ± 1.0 % or ± 2 µA ± 2.5 % or ± 5 µA
Ranging Automatic Automatic
Indication of the measuring limits exceeding Sound signal Sound signal
Power supply source 1.2 V x 6(Ni-MH) or 1.5 V x 6 1.2 V x 6(Ni-MH) or 1.5 V x 6
Operating/charge time, not less, hours 8/10 8/10
Charger (mains adapter) =12V; 0.8A =12V; 0.8A
Operation conditions from 0 °C to 40 °C, relative humidity < 85 % from 0 °C to 40 °C, relative humidity < 85 %
Overall dimensions, mm 150x95x90 и 100x60x25 150x95x90 и 100x60x25
Assemblage mass (with battery), no more, kg 2,0 2,0


SMD current detector assemblage with VA 11 voltmeter               Shunt of current detector is installed on hv divider screen

Receiver is connected via cable with VA 11 voltmeter, or, if used as a part of UIV test sets, installed on special plug on the test set control panel.

SMD detectors provide possibility of leakage current measuring simultaneously with test voltage measuring. At that detectors provide set tripping signal in case of exceeding of predifined by operator maximum allowed for test object leakage current value in its insulation.

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