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VA 11 Peak voltmeter

Voltmeter VA 11 is specially designed for the high test voltages (AC and DC) measuring according to GOST 17512-82, GOST 1516.2-97, as well as to IEC 60060-2 publication.

     The instrument provides simultaneous indication of two values (at operator option) from the following list:

  • Um — peak voltage;
  • Um/  — peak voltage, divided by  ;
  • Ueff — effective value;
  • U_ — arithmetic mean value of direct voltage;
  • Ieff — effective value of leakage current;

     Main features:

  • Voltmeter reading directly in kilovolts;
  • Automatic monitoring of the test object insulation breakdown (flashover) voltage value with a signal delivery to external connector;
  • Possibility of manual stopping of measuring (with measured values record);
  • Saving of 4 "operating" division factors of voltage dividers, set by operator, in nonvolatile memory.The instrument provides simultaneous indication of two values (at operator option) from the following list:

VA 11 voltmeter basic specifications are shown in table:

Characteristic Value
Allowable limits of the voltage measurement relative error: 2005
— a.c. power frequency 50 Hz voltage in the range ±(3.0-141)V, peak value, % ±0,5
— a.c. power frequency 50 Hz  voltage in the range (2,0-100)V, mean-square value, % ±1,0
— d.c.  voltage in the range ±(3.0-141) V, % ±0,5
A.C. power frequency range, Hz 20÷350
Dividing coefficients stored values range 1÷9999
Input voltage polarity +/-
Measurement cycles averaging range 1÷128
Time of indication setting, s 0,1÷1
Input resistance, kOhm 1000±1
Input capacitance, no more, pF 50
Power supply voltage, V 220±20
Power consumption, VA 20
Operating temperature range, °C +5÷40
Overall dimensions, mm 125x137x265
Mass, no more, kg 2


The instrument provides possibility of its displays brightness adjusting according to light conditions, as well as disabling of automatic stopping of measuring upon test insulation breakdown or flashover.

Rigid compact case of the instrument is provided with carrying handle and folding front legs. Case variant – 3V28TE module (depth – 230 mm) to build in the 19-inch rack.

VA 11 digital peak voltmeter is entered in State Register of measuring instruments and supplied to Customers as part of test sets of the company, as separate instrument, and also in complete with DN voltage dividers and opto-isolated SMD-10 (SMD-11) leakage current detectors.

Standard calibration certificate, issued by FSUE "TEST Sankt-Peterburg", is accompanied with the instrument.

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