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High Voltage Test Sets

Company manufactures two series of domestic construction UIV sets (manufactured more then 500 items for the day):

Sets of higher series allow to carry out tests in premises with very small floor space and limited ceiling height, because it is easy to move high voltage unit on testing ground of stand and convinient to keep vertical against the wall.

Sets of lower series are manufactured in portable version for on-site tests (double reinforced insulation of control panel, unit weight does not exceed 50 kg) (UIV-(15, 50, 100) kV Portable sets), as well as in version for mobile electric laboratories and stationary stands completion (UIV-M-(15, 50, 100, 150) sets).

In high voltage elements of all sets used SF6-gas as major insulating agent - even at small overpressure SF6 has high electric strength which is equal to electric strength of paper-oil insulation. SF6 is a "nonaging" insulation, it is noble, not poisonous, harmless by inhalation, incombustible and does not sustain combustion. Use of special sealants in joint packing of high voltage gas-insulated units provides it's complete leaktightness over sets lifetime.
Units cases with SF6 of portable sets and M-series sets have low volume and pressure and classified as laboratory equipment according to "Principles of design and operation of pressure-operated vessels". That means that their registration and account as pressure-operated vessels are not required, as well as it is not required special measures during they handling and transportation.
No maintainence provided during sets operation, except usual external insulating surfaces cleaning.
High voltage sets measurement instruments of the company, as well as separately manufacturing measurement systems and instruments, have pattern approval certificates and entered in State Register of measuring instruments. Each set pass primary qualification after manufacturing according to GOST R 8.568 and provided with accompanying and operational documentation set.

All sets and instruments meet the requirements of native (GOST) and international (IEC) standards, including safety requirements. List of basic native and international regulatory documents concerning electrical equipment insulation strength tests with high voltage is shown in section "List of standards". Extracts from these standards concerning requirements to high voltage test sets are given in section “Test sets selection guideline”.
Some examples of applying of company's test sets are given in section "Photo gallery".

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