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UIV-(15, 50, 100) kV Portable Sets

UIV series portable test sets are designed for dielectric tests of electrical equipment with 50 Hz power frequency high voltage and direct voltage.

Sets manufactured for three rated voltages, comprised power frequency test voltages in range from 1,0 kV up to 100 kV:

  • UIV-15 – railroad car’s insulation, including traction motors;
  • UIV-50 – electrical equipment rated up to 15 kV;
  • UIV-100 – electrical equipment of the voltages from 10 to 35 kV.
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DN Voltage Dividers The cart for installation movement Control panel PU 220-11/4,4 IOG Test Transformers SMD leakage current detectors DVL-150 Diodes Grounding rod GR 100 Damping resistor RD 100/15 Please click the object which has interested you UIV-100 portable set
UIV-100 portable set,       
voltage 100 kV, power 7.5 kVA       
UIV-100 increased power set
        UIV-100 increased power set,
       voltage 100 kV, power 20 kVA

1.in ready-to-use position                                         2.transportable position
UIV-100/20T transportable/increased power set, voltage 100 kV, power 20 kVA


Basic technical data UIV-(15, 50, 100) kV Portable Sets: 

 Characteristic Value
  UIV-100/20T UIV-100/20 UIV-100/7.5 UIV-50/7.5 UIV-15/15 UIV-15/7.5
Rated voltage, kV* 100 100 50 15 15/10*
Rated power supply voltage (50 Hz), V 220
Generated voltage main range, kV 10 - 100 10 - 100 5 - 50 1 - 15 1 - 15
Generated voltage additional range, kV** 1 - 10 1 - 10 1 - 5 -- --
Test voltage (50 Hz), kV 110 110 55 16,5 16,5
Steady short-circuit current, not less, A 2,5 1,2 2,5 20,0 6,5/7,2*
Min. load capacitance, nF 0,0
Max. load capacitance at the rated voltage, nF 5,9 1,9 8,5 210 105/170*
Max. load capacitance at blocking and control circuits testing, nF 15 15 40 2000  
Test power, kVA:
     — continuous service:
     — intermittent service (load cycle 10 %)





Direct current rated voltage, kV*** 70 70 70 20 20
Pulsation factor (off-load), no more, %*** 1,0  2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0
Max. load current, mA*** 50 10 20 20 20
Max. load capacitance, µF*** 7,0 2,0 5,0 5,0 5,0
Max. power consumption, no more, kVA 13,5 4,4 4,4 13,5 5,0
High voltage measuring error, % 3,0
Stability of voltage values reproducing, % 1,0
PD level at the rated voltage, no more, pC 5,0
Assemblage weight (net/gross), kg 185/240 175/210 85/110 80/105   75/100

    * — In dividor - values for serial connection of low-voltage coils of the test transformer.
    ** — With control panel type PU-220-12/4,4 (or PU-220-22/14 for UIV-100/20) and DN-10EO voltage divider
    *** — With DVL-150 type rectifier unit


UIV series portable sets are applied to equip test laboratories, stations and stands of industrial facilities, educational institutions, as well as to carry out electrical equipment dielectric tests on site. To provide safety of operator’s work in the field conditions the control panels has II protection degree against electric-shock hazard (double and strengthened insulation).

Control panels and test transformers of portable sets are provided with carrying handles and their weights do not exceed permissible 50 kg. Small overall dimensions and weights allow to carry the set even in motor car.

All electrical connections of parts are of plug type. Cable set with separate, latched connectors provide the time of preparing to the tests (set transit from transport position to test position) no more than 5 minutes.

SF6-gas is used as an insulation agent in test transformer and voltage divider. By reason of small volumes and pressure (low stored energy) they refer to laboratory equipment and, according to "Principles of design and operation of pressure-operated vessels", their registration and account as pressure-operated vessels are not required, as well as it is not required special measures during their handling and transportation.

UIV series portable sets ("base" case) includes:

  • IOG-xx test transformer;
  • PU 220-11/4,4 control panel;
  • DN-xxE(O) voltage divider;
  • Cable set.

Set of documents, supplied with set, includes:

  • Set"s operational manual (includes periodical test procedure);
  • VA-11 voltmeter operational manual;
  • DN-xxE(O) voltage divider operational manual;
  • Set certificate;
  • Certificate of Federal Agency for Technique Regulation and Metrology of Russian Federation for voltage divider calibration;
  • Certificate of Federal Agency for Technique Regulation and Metrology of Russian Federation for VA11 voltmeter calibration.



Add-on devices and instruments


For extension of test possibilities and serviceability of UIV series portable sets, a range of add-on devices and instruments can be included in set scope at Customer option:

  • PU 220-12/4,4 control panel (replace PU 220-11/4,4) - together with DN-10EO voltage divider expand the test voltage range "down" to 1 kV, what allows to apply sets for electrical equipment secondary circuits tests also;
  • Control panel inbuilt stopwatch allows to operator to set time of test voltage exposure;
  • DVL-150 rectifier diode - provides possibility of object tests with up to 70 kV direct voltage;
  • SMD-10 (SMD-11) opto-isolated current detector – provides possibility of object insulation leakage current measuring during direct (alternating) voltage tests;
  • GS-100 grounding stick - designed for prompt grounding appliance at high-voltage test sets with up to 100 kV test voltage values. Provided with RD 100/15 type damping resistor, stick can apply for high capacitance test objects;
  • PDI-201 type Partial Discharges Instrument;
  • Coupling capacitor for partial discharges characteristics measuring;
  • Transport truck - for set easy moving in manufacturing facilities.

On block-scheme below shown UIV series portable sets base case, as well as set of devices and instruments, expanding its test possibilities.



UIV-15, 50 and 100 kV portable set transportation

Small weights and overall dimensions of portable sets units allow to carry them even in passenger motor cars:

For transportation by means of any transport and to any distance, as well as for long-term storage, portable sets (full set) (can be)  accomodated in two delivery boxes (cases to GOST 14225-63). Boxes dimension chosen taking into account optimal accomodation into the motor car trunk.

Overall dimensions of boxes: 1400x400x680 and 920x520x520 mm.

 box №1 with IOG 
boxes №1 и №2 together   box №2 with control panel and additional tools

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