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UIV-230 kV Test Sets

UIV-230-01 high voltage test set with control panel
      UIV-230 units are designed for testing insulation of electrical equipment in accordance with the requirements of GOST 1516.3 standard (GOST 1516.2) rated test alternating voltages of industrial frequency 50 Hz. The units provide measurement of the test voltage during testing in accordance with the requirements for high voltage measurement systems according to GOST 17512 (IEC 60060-2).
Product variants:  
-01 Test Set for for testing on the stand
-02 Test Set with GIS (Gas Insulated Substation) expansion
 -03 Test Set easy transportable
     Technical characteristics of the units:
Characteristic Value
Rated voltage, kV 230
Generated voltage main range, kV 20-230
Rated power supply voltage, V 380
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Max. power consumption, kVA 17,1
Set`s insulation  test voltage (50 Hz), kV 253
Steady short-circuit current, not less, A 3,0
Min. load capacitance, nF 0,0
Max. load capacitance at the rated voltage, nF 3,0
Test power, kVA:
     — continuous service:
     — intermittent service (load cycle 20 %)

Test voltage measuring error, % 3,0
Stability of voltage values reproducing, % 1,0

     The high-voltage unit of the unit is made in the form of a single structure on the frame. The basis of the design is a high-voltage test transformer IOG-230/60, with a built-in voltage divider.

     The low-voltage unit consists of a control panel and a voltage regulator, combined in a single design in a metal 19" rack or transport box (depending on the version).
     Control the unit is controlled with the panel PU 380-31/16


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