The "TESTSET" company production
in different application conditions

1. On-site testing

UIV -100 kV portable set at 100 and 220 kV SF6 current transformer seismic tests
(Karelia, 2007)
UIV -100 kV portable test set on transport truck at back supply substation tests
(Leningrad Region, 2006)


2. Stationary test stands

UIGO-395 kV set at 220 kV SF6 circuit breaker insulation acceptance tests with PD measurements
("Elektrohimpribor" works, Lesnoy, 1995)


3. Mobile laboratories

Mobile diagnostic laboratory with UIV-100 kV set
("SEBA-ENERGO" company, Moscow, 2009) 


4. SF6-insulated substation tests


UIGO-200 kV SF6-insulated set at 110 kV Gas-Insulated Substation during dielectric tests with PD measurement
("Galyanka" substation, Nizhni Tagil, 1997)

"Huanen Beijing" thermal station "TESTSET" company engineer by UIGO-395 kV set control panel at "Huanen Beijing"
220 kV SF6-insulated substation dielectric tests (P.R.C., Beijing, 1997)

UIGO-230 kV set at 110 kV SF6-insulated substation
(The set SF6-unit (on crane) jointed to one of the GIS-110 kV poles)
(Saint-Petersburg, substation  24, 2009)

5. Exhibitions, conferences, presentations

The "TESTSET" company stand at international exhibition
"Elektrotechnika & Energetika – 2009" (Saint-Petersburg)
The "TESTSET" company stand at international exhibition
"Elektrotechnika & Energetika – 2012" (Saint-Petersburg)